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Another popular SEGA arcade game converted to the IBM-PC. This time it's SEGA's 1986 arcade hit OutRun, the classic bitmap racer. The original arcade game just rocks, so get yourself an emulator and play the real thing instead of this mediocre conversion.

The graphics are awful, music is PC speaker only - but it's playable and can be quite some fun! Just don't compare it with the original. ;) But a short question to the related music files below: Is Jason Brooke actually David Whittaker? Their music sure sounds very similar. Fortunately the PC conversion of the sequel, Turbo OutRun, is much, much better.

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We always welcome you to download this software presented on this page at no cost to you by clicking the above free download link. It is abandonware and is free for the taking. The difficult task is how you go about getting this vintage software from your modern computer to your vintage device. Dealing with disk format rituals or disk types to transfer this software to your vintage system can be very tedious and technical. 

We offer the transfer to the media of your choice as a convience. In no way are we selling you the software. We charge a fee for our time it takes to master this to the choosen media, and the cost of the vintage media. We will mail the item to you via your choice of shipping carrier. We suggest USPS Media Mail, or USPS First Class. We also offer expidited shipping in our checkout process if you so desire.

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